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Wonderlic WPT-R Study Guide

Wonderlic WPT-R Test Study Guides

Faced with an increasing number of ‘augmented’ resumes, many human resources departments are turning to tests, such as the Wonderlic WPT-R test, to evaluate the ability of potential employees. The test quickly assesses the cognitive ability and intellect of candidates, but also gives an indicator into the potential of the candidate for career advancement. The Wonderlic WPT-R test also helps organizations to match candidates with potential jobs based upon interests, ability, and aptitude

Wonderlic WPT-R Test Structure

The Wonderlic test assesses a number of traits, and is built around a series of progressively harder questions. In normal circumstances, and the time pressure means that the test quickly lets human resource managers know the candidate’s:

· Problem Solving Ability

· Ability to learn job requirements and new skills

· Potential job satisfaction

· How well the candidate responds to training

The test is very short, asking the candidate to complete 50 questions in 12 minutes, but gives human resource professionals a reliable way to measure the ability and the potential for improvement of employees. The test can be taken on a computer, as a written test, or as an internet test.

Wonderlic WPT-R Test Study Guide

Because the Wonderlic test is so important if you are looking for work, practicing and knowing what type of questions turn up is a great way to get ahead. A Wonderlic WPT-R Test study guide will give you a head start and ensure that you know what to expect. Such a short test has such huge potential ramifications that failing to prepare is inexcusable.


Wonderlic WPT-R Study Guide