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IGQE Indiana's Graduation Qualifying Exam Study Guide

GQE Study Test Guide

To earn a high school diploma in Indiana, students have to pass the GQE Graduation Qualifying Exam, which ensures that they have a good understanding of the core academic skills. This examination ensures that students have a strong grounding in mathematics and English, with some allowances if the candidate has a disability or limited understanding of English.

The student can take this exam during their second year of high school and will have up to five further chances to pass the test if they are unsuccessful.

The IGQE Indiana Graduation Qualifying Exam Format

The test, totaling over six hours, is taken over a period of three days, and it is divided into two sections, covering math and English. To pass the exam, the candidate has to pass both sections, although they only need to resit one section if they only fail one. The Mathematics Section includes questions about:
  • Arithmetic
  • Basic algebra
  • Geometry
  • Data Analysis
The English Section covers:
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling
  • Sentence construction
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      The IGQE Indiana Graduation Qualifying Exam is a tricky test that will earn you a high school diploma, opening up many more employment and educational opportunities. The best way to prepare for the test and give yourself every opportunity of passing is with thorough revision program. A good GQE study test guide will help you to plan your time and, by including plenty of practice questions, it will make sure that no nasty surprises lay in wait when you enter the exam room.

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