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Home CPP Certified Payroll Professional Certification Exam

CPP Certified Payroll Professional Certification Test Study Guide

The Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) test tests if the individual possess a high level of professional competency through both the acquisition of knowledge and direct payroll experience.


Before the candidate appears for the CPP test, he has to verify his employment with the payroll profession. The CPP test designates the experience and skills of the candidate to work as payroll manager and supports the firm's business goals.

test Format   & content

The whole test is divided in to six sections and lasts for four hours. The examination is in multiple choice question format. The scoring is based on the correct answers that you make. The whole test is formulated in order to test the subject knowledge of the candidate, his basic concepts and practices that are required for a professional Payroll career. The six sections of CPP test are

1. Core Payroll Concepts

A. Worker Status
B. Fair Labor Standards Act
C. Employment Taxes
D. Employee Benefits
E. Employee/Employer Forms
F. Professional Responsibility
G. Methods and Timing of Pay
H. Customer Service

2. Compliance

A. Escheatment
B. Regulatory
C. Reporting
D. Record Retention
E. Penalties
3. Principles of Paycheck Calculations

A. Compensation/Benefits
B. Involuntary Deductions
C. Voluntary Deductions (pre and post tax)
D. Employer Taxes and Contributions
E. "Net, Disposable, Take Home Pay"

4. Payroll Process and Systems

A. Maintain master file components
B. Concepts and Functionalities
C. Disaster Recovery Plan
D. Selection
E. Implementation/Upgrades
F. Maintenance/Updates
5. Accounting

A. Accounting Principles
B. General Ledger Account Classification
C. Payroll Journal Entry
D. Account Reconciliation

6. Management and Administration

A. Policies & Procedures
B. Auditing
C. Staffing, Employee Development & Core Competencies
D. Management Skills & Practices
E. Communication


CPP Study Guide