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AACN Certification Exam Study Guide

AACN Test Study Guide

The American Association of Critical Care Nurses is a well-respected organization, providing ongoing education and certification for nursing students and qualified nurses wishing to pursue a career in critical care. A coveted AACN professional qualification shows that a nurse has the skills, temperament, and knowledge to work in this sensitive, difficult field.

AACN Qualifications

Certification by the AACN requires experience alongside a passing score in one of the seven examinations offered by the organization:
  • CCRN Critical Care Registered Nurse, divided into Adult, Neonatal and Pediatric Acute Care
  • CCNS – Critical Care clinical Nurse Specialists, divided into Adult, Neonatal and Pediatric Acute Care
  • PCCN – Certification for Progressive Care Nurses
  • ACNPC – Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Certification
  • CMC – Certification for Cardiac Medicine
  • CSC – Certification for Cardiac Surgery
  • CNML - Certified Nurse Manager and Leader
These qualifications allow a registered critical care nurse to specialize in chosen areas and build a career progression. Members of the AACN can study for these qualifications alongside a program of gaining practical experience.

AACN Test Study Guide

The AACN exam is an extremely thorough and exhaustive test of a candidate’s suitability to work in the field of critical care. Building a structured revision program to complement work experience is crucial, and a good AACN test study guide can help you with this. With an intuitive, logical layout, and a series of practice questions, the guide will help you to address any gaps in your knowledge and build confidence.

AACN study guide